Both allied health professionals when working with a client are working towards the shared goal of enabling individuals to improve their independent function and perform activities of daily living. Although the lens through which these are executed is different – use of aids and exercises. Both of these allow clients to achieve their goals more efficiently and safely.

When in the process should they work together?

  • Both allied health professionals can work together at the start of treating a client.
  • An exercise physiologist will normally continue treatment once an Occupational Therapist has put specific aids in place.
  • An Occupational Therapist may return to modify any equipment depending on the progress or regress of the client.

What does working together look like?

  • Both allied health professionals would complete initial assessments with the clients separately.
  • Best practice would be to liaise at this point, once the assessments have been completed. As an exercise physiologist could benefit from understanding what aids the occupational therapist has recommended and in contrast what functions and client goals need to be addressed from a physical and lifestyle point of view which will be included within the exercise physiology report.
  • An AEP can tailor certain movements to incorporate the aids that are recommended by the OT.

Healthfit values liaising with other allied health professionals to give clients the best possible outcome in achieving their goals.