Having taken over Healthfit in March this year, we have noticed a trend in bilateral knee replacements so here are seven things you should consider before having a replacement:
1. Lifestyle changes: Have I had an Increase or reduction in activity, change of activities and change of work duties?
2. Weight management: Have I gained weight recently? Has it affected the way my knees feel?
3. Knee function when performing activities of daily living: Can I sit to stand of a chair, walk and perform household chores with limited discomfort and similar function as normal?
4. Night pain: Do I have night pain?
5. Pre-surgery exercise & recovery time: Have I loaded the knee joint to improve function? Have I tested the mobility and strength of my knee joint? Would I need a knee replacement if I consistently strengthened my lower limbs? How long will it take to recovery from surgery? When will I be able to get back to normal activities
6. Scans: Do the results of my scans that I was requested to have by my surgeon matter If I currently am able to continue with my life without pain or reduced function?
7. Health professional biases: Have the medical professionals I have seen biased my decision to have surgery?