Last year we acquired Healthfit. For us it has been a bit of a whirlwind. So, we have used this opportunity to outline our thinking behind what we do and how we intend to do it.


  1. Money, well spent.

We have prioritised spending money on the business where it would be most impactful for our customers. We are mindful we want existing customers and newcomers alike to benefit from the changes.


  1. Do one thing well.

We are an Exercise Physiology business. Exercise as medicine is our focus, which will keep us busy!

No manual therapy. No off the wall alternative therapies. Just Exercise Physiology.

Even the WHO have put a focus on the role of exercise, so as much as it is often thought of as a nice to have, here we are putting it back front and centre.


  1. Regional can be a destination.

Hatted (Michelin Star) restaurants aren’t always in big cities, often they are a located outside of one. Do they struggle due to this? No, in fact they become a destination. Your location doesn’t have to be a limitation.

We want to help as many people who need it as possible and to do that we need to grow! We need to attract talent to or from our area. Our aspiration is to Inspire people through the prestige of our reputation from our customers, referral pathways or by sharing our ambition of gold standard treatment though using the latest up to date research. Our very own Michelin star standard.


  1. Human approach.

We know that having a health condition can often feel lonely and care can feel fragmented.

We also know that being a number in a large company doesn’t motivate anyone… in the end and forging your own way is lonely.

Client or Staff our goal is to support you.


  1. Focusing on our mission.

Our specialism based on our community is aged related conditions. That doesn’t have to mean chair exercises and coloured weights and bands. Google people over 40 exercising… trust us, that’s all the images you will find. Our mission, is to treat the individually rather than their age or condition by removing limitations. We are in the business of building confidence, independence and self belief!