What do I need to bring?
• If you have a referral or any relevant scans / reports about conditions you would like your sessions to address
• Water bottle
• Your mobile phone as if you are given home exercises these will be recorded on your device to take away with you

What should I wear?
• Gym attire is recommended – comfortable covered shoes, comfortable clothes to move around in.

What will my first session entail?
• If you have not been to the clinic before or have not been for some time the first appointment will always be a 60-minute assessment
• You will have a chat with the AEP to run through current conditions / medicine and fitness goals that you would like to work towards
• You will also run through a series of exercise tests so that the AEP can assess your current fitness level / capability
• Where applicable you will be given a home program of exercises that you will be required to work on between your sessions

Do you offer Group Classes?
• We offer three different group classes which are split by the level of capability.
• In order to be able to attend the group classes you would have needed to attend an initial assessment to understand any injuries or current capabilities.
• Group classes are at a cheap rate due to the number of people in the class however we will always tailor the exercises to individual’s capabilities.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?
• No, it is not necessary to have a referral.
• Please note that if you do have an EPC referral from your doctor there will still be a gap payment as these are to incentivize your trip to an allied Health professional not to cover the full cost.
• If you did want to come as a private patient, for any 1:1 appointments you are able to use your private health insurance

What if I need to cancel my appointment?
• Ideally we will be given 48 hours’ notice as a minimum but ideally longer so that we would be able to find someone else to fill your spot.
• Due to having an extensive wait list we have had to implement a two strike rule and anyone that has cancelled their appointment twice at short notice (less than 48 hours’ notice), or simply not attended without letting us know will forfeit their ability to rebook an appointment for that month.

Do you work with Age Care Providers?
• Yes, we do!
• Current providers include Hammond Care and Integrated Living but we are able to apply to become a supplier of further care providers if these are not your chosen provider this may just take a few weeks for the paperwork to be completed and approved.